Foundation Celebrates AISD Trustees named as "Outstanding School Board"

The Arlington ISD Foundation Board of Directors celebrated AISD Trustees being named Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) "2014 Outstanding School Board of Texas".  The reception was held January 29.   

Arlington ISD's Board of Trustees was chosen from among five school board finalists. Each of the five finalists was interviewed by a committee of Texas school superintendents for their commitment to their students and their communities. Arlington was named top school board at the TASA/TASB convention held this past October. 

Pictured left to right are John Hibbs, AISD Board of Trustees; Chad Bates, Foundation Board Treasurer; Beth Owens, Foundation Board; Dr. Marcelo Cavazos, Superintendent; Kecia Mays, AISD Board of Trustees; Peter Baron, AISD Board of Trustees; Jamie Sullins, AISD Board of Trustees; Dr. Aaron Reich, AISD Board of Trustees; Gloria Peña, AISD Board of Trustees; Bowie Hogg, AISD Board of Trustees President; Ann Morris, Foundation Board Secretary; David Wilbanks, Foundation Board; Tony Pompa, recent AISD Board of Trustee; Brian White, Foundation Executive Director; Dr. Diane Patrick, Foundation Board; and Scott Slover, Foundation Board.